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S Sadie Gabler

The Treats for Your Furry Friends - Park City Magazine

Jun 27, 2022

WITH FOUR DOGS AND TWO CATS, bedtime in the Gabler household is a “thing,” with each fur baby jockeying for their favorite space. Kris and Sadie Gabler—owners of the small-batch, all-natural dog treat company Drool (—laugh when describing the scene: “Dug E, our French bulldog, burrows down in the sheets and has to be next to us,” they explain. Then there’s Ellie, the Bernese mountain dog, who will likely want a snack in the middle of the night, and their rescue mix, Bitzley—who is never far away. Otis, the German wirehaired pointer, will snuggle in with their teenage son after the dog’s nightly routine of jumping on their bed to play a last-minute game of fetch. And if the cats sneak in, they will do their best to perch on someone’s head.

Clearly, the Gablers’ love for and commitment to their pets run deep—and they’re the reason the duo founded Drool. They are on a mission to educate dog owners about how to best feed their pups for a long and healthy life. It starts with nutrition, and that’s what Drool customers get in each and every product.

“We use minimal ingredients and no preservatives or additives,” says Kris. The treats are made by hand in their professional kitchen; every fresh ingredient is chosen for its health properties, and flavor is crucial. “If we are making a certain biscuit, and it doesn’t make us hungry,” Kris explains, “then it doesn’t pass the test to be made into a Drool treat.”
These aren’t your average dog biscuits: made with ingredients like oats and organic oat flour and featuring tempting names—Chicken Soup (slow-simmered chicken with celery and carrots), Taco Tuesday (ground beef, cheddar cheese, cilantro, turmeric, and egg), and Steak and Potatoes, to name a few—it’s clear these entrepreneurs value taste and nutrition equally. “There is nothing we would make that we wouldn’t feed our own animals,” says Sadie, “or eat ourselves.”

Find Drool dog treats at local retailers like The Garden Cafe at Park City Gardens, The Market, and Healthy Pets Summit County.

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