We are on this planet to make a difference for you and your pet.

- Kris and Sadie

Our story

Meet Kris & Sadie, the founders of Drool.

Their commitment to their pets runs deep - and is also the motivation for founding this natural dog treat company. By making each product by hand in their own professional kitchen, every fresh ingredient is chosen for its health properties, and flavor is crucial.

“If we are making a certain biscuit, and it doesn’t make us hungry — then it doesn’t pass the test to be made into a Drool treat,” Kris explains.

The duo is on a mission to educate dog owners about how to best feed their pets for a long and healthy life. It starts with nutrition - and that’s what Drool customers get in each and every product.

“We use minimal ingredients and no preservatives or additives,” they explain. “We want to let people know that we can help our dogs live long and healthy lives by feeding them real food.”

Meet Our Taste Testers

Dug E.

Frenchie rescue: Don’t let Dug E.’s small stature fool you. He is large in personality and definitely runs the roost. Dug E was born with a congenital heart defect, and joined our Drool family for the best chance to live a long and healthy life. Once he turned 6 months old, he underwent heart surgery at Colorado State Veterinary Hospital, the surgery was a success.

Favorite treat:
All of them! Just watch your fingers because there is always a hesitation then pounce to ‘attack’ his treat.


Bernese Mountain Dog: Sweetest girl on the mountain. Ellie is a gentle giant and a bit on the shy side but with a lot of personality and the biggest tail this side of the Mississippi. If you want a real lap dog a Berner is the way to go. If you sit on the floor, couch, where ever, you better be prepared for her to sit on you.

Favorite treat:
Mr. Pooch, aka Steak and Potatoes but she’s not too picky.


Terrier mix rescue: Bitzley loves to “earn” her keep around the house, she is our mountain huntress. If she had her way, she would hunt all day and only come home to show off her accomplishments from a hard day’s work and get a big old belly rub!

Favorite treat:
PB&Js for sure, and she is definitely not about the off-brand handouts from kind strangers.


German Wirehaired Pointer – Otis, aka Kramer, often comes rushing into the room much like Kramer, with the slide and wide eyes looking at you like what’d I miss?! His trigger words are “toy”, “ball”, “treat”, and “go potty”. He is a pointer through and through with boundless energy and a show stopping point that he will hold until he has your undivided attention and act on it.

Favorite treat: By far the Training Bites, loaded with bacon and cheese.

Sister Gin Gin

Senior rescue: Sister Gin Gin's sass and attitude make her large and in charge despite her small statue! Sista Gin Gin, as we fondly refer to her, came to us with one mission to be the leader of the pack and that she is.

Favorite treat: Whatever you're trying to give anyone else! She will dive bomb between you and her siblings to snag a treat.