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Coffee for the Humans: aka A Drool Worthy Cuppa Joe - 16 oz Whole Bean

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  • Single Origin,

  • Light Roast,

  • Citrus and Chocolate Profile,

  • Whole Bean Coffee

Turihamwe, “together” in Kirundi, is a high-quality coffee produced by women coffee farmers and processed in Burundi’s first washing station built and owned by women farmers.

Through the power of purchasing, JNP Coffee founder Jeanine Niyonzima whose commitment to the community runs deep, is transforming the lives of women in Burundi through specialty coffee.

About JNP Coffee

JNP Coffee pays the women farmers directly for their work, encouraging community and challenging customs as they become central participants in their local economies. By working directly with the women growers and advocating for their success, they gain skills in financial literacy and leadership through their efforts in coffee production. JNP is also working with the community to build water systems to make sure the water that is left after processing is clean and the land preserved.

JNP Coffee, along with other regional organizations, is actively making a difference. And your purchase directly supports these women farmers, their families, and their communities. Together we can make the world a better place one cup at a time.


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